What you need to know about getting the loan when buying your home.

Buying a home is so much fun and such a great investment for your future! But then there's the whole financing thing and you needing to get a loan. This can be overwhelming, you may be not sure who to go to, what type of loan to get, how much money you need, how the whole thing works, etc.  You may have even heard horror stories talking to your friends who had to deal with the heartbreak that has come from lenders and underwriters not having your loan go through at the last minute after you've jumped through every hoop they've told you to. This is a heartbreak for us too. We don't want you losing any money or time. One of the ways I help my clients is through a process of Upfront Underwriting with Julie Koren of Movement Mortgage. I am so excited to have Julie as a guest blogger today. One of the reasons I adore working with her is because she is always upfront with my clients and me when it comes to financing. Here's what Julie has to say on how she and Movement Mortgage are different and what Upfront Underwriting is:

Unlike traditional lenders, where an underwriter may not authorize a loan for weeks, Movement's underwriters review a borrower's loan at the front end of the home-buying process so customers aren't beset with delays and last-minute changes.

Within six hours, Movement underwriters render a decision on whether a borrower is approved for a loan or not. They also signal what conditions need to be met, and what red flags should be addressed before the borrower and real-estate agent move forward in the process.

It's a method that's distinguished Movement as revolutionizing the industry, and giving homebuyers and real estate agents an advantage they may not find at big banks. Learn more about Movement's innovative approach to underwriting by emailing me a julie.koren@movement.com or call me at 904-718-9314.

Julie is a Producing Market Leader for Movement Mortgage in the Jacksonville Metro Area with 19 years experience in the industry. To learn more about Julie visit her LinkedIn.