6 Reasons to partner up with a Realtor on your home search.

Websites have made it easier than ever to search for any and all information we can possibly think of; however, visiting sites like WebMD to find out medical advice is never as good as going to a doctor. And while I'm not comparing Doctors to Realtors by any means, I truly believe it is better to come to us rather then visiting Zillow or the like.

The reason I am even writing this is because I just received a call from a potential buyer calling on one of my listings. She had no idea how she missed this property and just loved it. I felt so bad, as I had disappointing news for her -- it's under contract. Please don't get me wrong I love customers who are active and engaged in their searches, but I would like for us to partner up in your search. Here's my why:

  1. Zillow and other real estate websites work on algorithms. These websites do not take into account the location of the home and how that can benefit the pricing. 
  2. At least once on every single listing I have the sellers call me panicked about the information they found online that was wrong. Another one of the algorithms not transferring the data correctly. You may find a horrid image of what the house looked like before it was remodeled or the wrong house all together. (It eventually resets to their credit, but still. The panic for the poor sellers and the chance you could have missed your dream house bums me out.)
  3. They do not take account if the homes can pass for certain financing, which we can. It saves so much hassle and sometimes heartache for our clients to have this knowledge. 
  4. When using a Realtor you trust we can help you receive daily updates for properties that fit your criteria noting any changes including pricing, general changes, and availability. We've seen it where sellers have reduced the price and the home will sell that same day. It's a special report filled out just for you to enjoy while drinking your latte. 
  5. Realtors have access to a "hot sheet", which allows us to see everything that has changed in the areas you are looking. This could be a huge deal if, like I mentioned before, you were obtaining FHA financing and the home you wanted wouldn't pass let's say because of the roof. Because I would be watching the hot sheet and keeping in mind what you liked, I would notice the "text change" stating the sellers put on a new roof. Zillow and the like cannot tell you that. 
  6. Six is a strange number to end a list on, but I had to add in that it is our job as your agent to make all the calls for you, to check the availability, email the other agents, write the offers, help you obtain financing, etc. I want you to enjoy the process of home buying thinking about all the fun stuff and not waiting for callbacks from Realtors, or for all of them to try to become your Realtor. 

Those are just a few reasons how I can, or any of our Realtors can help you on our end. Like I mentioned, it's so awesome for you to be proactive too in searching. You may find a home that is a For Sale By Owner (we can also help with that), or you may drive by a house with a For Sale sign in the yard that hasn't gone into the MLS (multiple listing service) and we can try and be the first one to make an offer. I truly believe it's better when we work together! 

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Melissa Rigdon is the Broker and President of All Real Estate Options, Inc. with almost 15 years of real estate experience. She specializes in residential real estate and helping agents run their businesses. Connect with All Real Estate Options, Inc. on Twitter at @areoinc