Time Blocking - Taking control of your time.

Life gets so busy sometimes and often it feels like there is never enough time to get everything achieved that you want to in a day. If this is something you can relate to then time blocking may be just what you need.

Time Blocking. And what is it?

Time blocking is scheduling your valuable time in certain blocks on your calendar to make sure you get all your most important tasks completed throughout the week.

For example, preparing for a big listing presentation on Thursday next week. I know I need to set aside some uninterrupted time (blocking) to prepare the CMA, visit the available homes for sale, and review before our appointment. To prepare the CMA I want to allot at least an hour depending on the neighborhood activity, I can then block on my calendar 9:30 - 10:30 on Tuesday to prepare the CMA. In our business we will most likely have calls and emails to return even during that one hour we took off, so you can give yourself some time to return those emails and calls or even take a break after crunching all those numbers! You could then block off thirty minutes from 10:30 to 11:00, etc. You could also go ahead and block out the time that’s needed to view the listings in the neighborhood before your appointment. And of course your listing appointment plus some extra time just incase.

3 Reasons to time block

  1. It helps you know exactly what needs to be done and how much time you need to do it.

  2. After you time block for a bit, you can see how you spend your time. Knowing how you spend your time will help you make better decisions for your future.

  3. It will motivate you or at least get you to not procrastinate knowing what you need to do for yourself and your schedule.