Understand why your are selling, but please -- keep it to yourself.

Our marketing strategy, for you home, is based upon the reasons for you wanting/needing to sell. Please do not tell anyone your reasoning to sell, as it may be used against you. If you are asked, simply say your needs have changed. 

Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Some buyers rely very heavily on appearances, which is why it is critical to not ignore the appearance of your home. Potential purchasers will respond to what they see, smell, hear, and feel and these senses can easily turn off a buyer from a well-priced home. How your property looks and feels will generate a higher emotional response than any other factor.

Even if it seems minute, clean it and fix it.

Scrub those surfaces, repair those squeaks, replace leaky faucets, and get rid of clutter. You never know what could be a deal breaker for a buyer. They may not be able to see past the room filled with boxes, or the noise the fan makes when it's off balance. Remember, you're not just competing with other resale homes, but new home construction as well.

Say no to any odors.

Any smells such as: remains of last night's dinner, kitty litter boxes, dogs odors, pets in general, and smoking can quickly kill a deal. Research has suggested that scent of lemon, pine, green tea, cedar, basil, and vanilla are some of the best scents for selling houses. With that being said sometimes no scent is the best scent of all.

Help a buyer make your home theirs.

You will never want a prospective purchaser feeling like they are intruding into your personal space. Try to avoid clutter in your home by packing away your collectables, minimizing your family photos, and tidying up any personal information. Try decorating in neutral colors like beige and white, while being conscientious with a few decorative items to add warmth to your home.

Ask your friends for their honest opinion.

Being objective about your property's advantages and disadvantages is an advantage to you.  Sometimes it's best, in these cases, to not rely solely on your own judgement.

Vacant home marketing.

Vacant homes have become more common in the past few years with short sales and foreclosures; however, studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home that is vacant because it looks desolate, abandoned, and simply not appealing. If your home is vacant, it is important to make it look as new and fresh as possible. You may even want to consider having your home professionally staged.

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